Updated September 2018

Our new APEEEL2 Periscolaire website is now available on https://periscolaire.apeeel2.lu

Our team is very happy to present all parents with a rich and varied 2018/2019 program, where they will find activities from previous years as well as new ones.

We are aware that some activities are very popular. Unfortunately, we are often limited in the number of courses we can run, due to our School premises’ availability, in particular the  Sport Halls and the swimming pool which are also used by our Secondary pupils.

BROCHURES for 2018/2019 activities and Enrolment dates

CONNECTION to the Periscolaire website for online reservation

ATTENTION : si  vos  coordonnées “MEMBER CODE ” et “MEMBER NAME” ne sont pas correctement entrées en majuscule dans votre compte/profile, vous ne serez pas reconnu/e en tant que membre APEEEL2 et vous ne pourrez pas faire de réservation. Pour vérifier que vous êtes bien connecté/e en tant que membre, vous pouvez sélectionner une activité déjà ouverte (par exemple dans la catégorie SPORT), il ne doit PAS y avoir de message indiquant que l’activité n’est pas encore ouverte.  Si c’est cas, merci de créer/modifier votre compte/profile, ou de nous contacter au plus vite au 273 224 5127 ou 273 224 5126

ATTENTION : if  your credentials “MEMBER CODE” and  “MEMBER NAME” are not correctly entered in your account/profile, you will not be identified as an APEEEL2 member and you will not be allowed to make any registration in our system. To check that you are connected as a member, you can select an activity which is already open (for ex. in the SPORTS category), there should NOT be any message indicating that the subscription is not yet open. If this is the case, please  create/update your account, or contact us as soon as possible on 273 224 5127 or 273 224 5126

  • As previously communicated last year, membership to APEEEL2 is now mandatory prior to any online registration of group activities or private lessons.
  • If you were already an APEEEL2 member in 2017/2018, your credentials to connect to our Periscolaire website will remain identical. We take this opportunity to deeply thank you for your support.
  • If you are a new member this year, all the Membership Forms received before Tuesday 11 September have been processed, and all parents should have received their codes. All membership new requests received between 12 and 14 September will be processed asap and parents will receive their credentials to connect to our Periscolaire website by Tuesday 18 September 2018 at the latest, before the opening of the Sports Group activities registration.
  • We kindly invite all parents to test their credentials to access our Periscolaire website, as soon as they receive them and definitely before the opening of the registrations next week.
  • No registration on our website will be accepted before the official start of the enrolments.


  • We kindly ask all parents to take the time to read our Periscolaire Activities User Guide, detailing all practical information regarding our registration process and calendar,  as well as our general rules: Periscolaire Activities User Guide 2018/2019
  • IF YOU NEED HELP on how to enrol to Private Lessons, please look at the following video: How to enrol to private lessons
  • You will find various information in answer to your queries in the FAQ menu on our Periscolaire site, particularly in the Extracurricular General Conditions.
  • For other queries, you can contact us by telephone on (+352) 273 224 5126 or by email on periscolaire@apeeel2.lu