Further to previous messages via our Class Reps and the School SMS, we remind all parents that, starting from next school year, new joiners and parents wishing to renew their APEEEL2 membership for 2019/2020 must pay their membership fee at the latest by 1st September 2019.

FOR MORE INFO: http://www.apeeel2.lu/apeeel2-membership-2019-2020/

>>> Prior to booking any 2019/2020 Periscolaire reservation for your child during the online reservations opening (scheduled in mid-September) you must pay your membership fee at the latest by 1st September 2019. Due to administrative constraints, we will not validate any membership/ renewal 2 days prior or on the day of the reservations opening.

>>> If you are already an APEEEL2 member and you have already setup a standing order with a date of payment on 1st October, you must contact your bank directly and modify:

    • The date of first payment for 1st September 2019 and renewals on 1st September every year.
    • If your bank is not BCEE, we advise you to modify the name of the beneficiary account to “APEEEL2” – indeed if the account name holder is not correct, your payment may be refused and incur charges on your account.

>>> To avoid receiving our emails in your Junk E-mail folder (Spams), please save the 3 email addresses used by APEEEL2 in your Address Book as soon as possible:

We wish you a very enjoyable summer and we remind you that our office is closed from 13 July until 26 August 2019 !

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