2019-2020 Prices

As per each year in September, Eurest has increased the Canteen prices according to the indexation agreed in their contract.

The main prices are:

  • Nursery 5.20 €/meal,
  • Primary  5.75 €/meal, tartinist 0.15 €/day.  In case of direct debit payment, Eurest grants 1% discount on the invoiced amount.
  • Secondary – hot meal/vegetarian: 5.95 €, pasta: 5.65 €

Detailed price lists: Secondary ,Cafeteria , Primary/Nursery

Primary Canteen News


Administration des Batiments Publics has finished installing the sound proofing material on the ceiling of the canteen. We are still waiting for the sound measurements to confirm that the work improvements have reduced the noise to an acceptable level.


Eurest has started serving yogurt desserts in washable dessert cups, instead of purchasing products in plastic cups. As many pupils enjoyed playing with the plastic packaging, the new serving is not yet as popular as before.

We would like to ask parents to explain to their children why it is so important to get rid of these plastic cups, and that it is a high quality yogurt, locally made in Luxembourg (Luxlait). Eating the new packaged yogurt is not just more delicious, but also better for the environment.

Menu Display 

A new LCD screen above the serving stations is now showing the daily menu. This will replace the printed menu sheets, which are not easy to read.

Secondary Canteen News

New Menu Option in Secondary !

Starting from last December, Eurest has improved the variety of the Secondary lunch menu. Instead of offering only pasta 5 days a week, the Pasta Bar now also includes some pupils’ favourite dishes, such as paella, pizza, quiche lorraine, tajine, fried rice, moussaka and gnocchi.

This concept is very popular in Lycée Vauban, and we hope that our Lux2 pupils will like it too.

We encourage all parents to have a look at the Canteen menus and ask their children to try out the new options. We believe we should all do our best to make this initiative a success, so the healthier, better nutritional value dishes will stay on offer.

The above mentioned changes are indeed important, as statistics show that pasta consumption is very high in our Secondary canteen. Parents should be aware that in the “starch buffet” (Buffet de féculents) pupils can also take pasta (beside rice and potato-based side dishes). On Eurest invoices, plat chaud (hot meal) does not necessarily mean that vegetables were included. Please make sure that your children are aware of the healthy diet and they don’t eat pasta too often.

Secondary Students Table Manners

During our Canteen visits, we witnessed that some Secondary students don’t respect their environment and the basic rules for eating together, often leaving some rubbish on and under the tables. Also, some pupils take large amounts of free condiments just for fun,  throwing them in the bin in the end.

We kindly ask parents to talk to their children about this issue, and if necessary discuss our restaurant’s basic rules for good behaviour.

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