The Belgium Association Coeur à Corps & Dyspraxie Luxembourg
will organise
2 courses in Bilingual FR/EN iPad Training
designed to help Parents and DYS children
to better use the iPad in the classroom and at home

on Saturdays 11 January and 7 March 2020
in Jodoigne (Belgium)

The cost for this module is 100 Euros per child (accompanied by a parent)
For reservation & information, please contact:

Ms Magali Netrval -Vice President of Dyspraxie Luxembourg
+352 661 720 581   email Magali Netrval    Dyspraxie Luxembourg – Facebook


PROGRAMME – 1st module
11/01/2020: course is full
07/03/2020:  places are still available !

The objective of this 1st module Parent/Children is to teach the basis of the use of the iPad in class and at home for children with special needs, such as scanning photocopies, editing documents and writing and dictating. With one parent present, who will supervise the use of the iPad at the start until the child is self-sufficient, the child will learn the following skills.

  • Transfer files to and from a USB key
  • Create folders and sub folders in Notability to organise his notes
  • Annotate a document
  • Strikethrough, underline and circle
  • Listen to an instruction
  • Access the dictionary
  • Scan a document

This 1st module will NOT cover Mathematics and Geometry, as these topics are covered in a second module.

Course location: Corps à Cœur, 117 rue de La Chapelle Stevenaert , 1370 Jodoigne, Belgium.

Course duration: 4 hours, starting at 10:00.

Maximum number of participants: 6 children per module (with their accompanying parent).

We wish you a happy iPad training!

FOR MORE INFO: Educational Support at Lux2

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