This years Eurosport  competition took place in Varese from 3 April until 6 April.

Nineteen European schools were represented which makes this the biggest Eurosport yet. 30 students from each school competed in volleyball, futsal, table tennis and aquathlon .

The competitions were tough. Lux I won the Cup and Lux II achieved an excellent overall 5th place!

We are very proud of all our students who were congratulated on their outstanding sportsmanship and camaraderie. As Lux II won the Cup 2 last time, we are all very happy that the Cup stays in Luxembourg !

Full results can be found on Eurosport Varese 2019 and many photos can be seen on Facebook page ESL Mamer Sports.

Next Eurosport will be held in Mol, Belgium in 2021. In 2023, the tournament will be in Lux II for the first time and we will need parents’ help to host participants.



Boys Team: Battaglia Leonardo, Battaglia Gregorio, Mercusa Vittorio, T ‘Joen Nicolas, Kolikov Andrey, Botond Urban, Mole’ Pietro, Lenges Thomas, Schioler Hansen Thomas, Jonsson Tobias, Peron Benjamin, Oleson Oliver, Capaccioli Pietro, Precht Lorenzo, Galoppo Christian

Girls Team: Dufkova Julia, Courbin Sara, Faeth Joséphine, Oleseon Nicola, Miodini Gaia, Archer Phoebe, Christensen Lucy Jane, Cavadini Carola, Barbieri Chiara, Claus Claire, Dessaignes Klara, Norlund Anna, Orlando Anna, Miklas Julia, Palai Miriam

Teachers: I. Decarniere, F. Fischer, S. Pinheiro, I. Vasileiadis

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