Our office is now closed, it will reopen on Monday 26 August. We wish you a very enjoyable summer and we are looking forward to seeing you again in the Rentrée!

>>> Our latest APEEEL2 News for 2018/2019

You will find below our updated news regarding the last 2 events we helped organising:  our P5 pupils Ceremony at Lux 2 on 3 July, and the Bac 2019  Ceremony in Mondorf les Bains on 5 July.

>>> TRANSPORT NEWS for 2019/2020

All updates on the existing /new bus lines serving our School will be communicated via the School SMS to all parents, as well as published on this website in early September.


  •  APEEEL2 Membership is mandatory prior to any Periscolaire reservation. All 2019/2020 Memberships must be paid for by 1st September 2019 – for new joiners and renewals. Please see all details on Join us ! / Renew Membership
  • Provisional planning for 2019/2020 Group & Private activities: we will not get final room/timings confirmation from the School until early September. Therefore our detailed Periscolaire Activities brochures will only be  published in the Rentrée. In the meantime, click on the links below to see provisional planning for Sport &Dance, Art &Others and private Music activities:

SPORT & DANCE Draft Planning 2019/2020

ART & OTHERS Draft_Planning_2019/2020

MUSIC PRIVATE LESSONS Draft_Planning_2019/2020


  • Provisional Periscolaire Activities Calendar: The opening of Online Reservations on our Periscolaire website Periscolaire Reservations is scheduled for mid September. All Group Activities are planned to start during the week starting on 30 September.
  • For more information on Periscolaire activities, including archived brochures from last year: Periscolaire Information

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