As part of the Exchange Programme of the European Schools , we are looking for Host Families for a total of 5 students  for the period September – December 2019.

The students, currently in S4 EN and IT sections,  have been accepted in our School next year, and come from the 3 European Schools in Alicante, Karlsruhe and Brussels (Laeken).

Any family interested in hosting a student,  should contact our office on email us so we can forward them the presentation letters of our students.

For more information on the Exchange Programme of the European Schools, please visit our website

We thank you in advance for your help, please remember that the Exchange Programme only works thanks to the generosity of our families.

The Programme allows students from our European Schools to live a unique and very enriching experience for a few months, as much for the children within the host family as for the student  being hosted. In return, this may inspire your children to live the same experience when the time comes …

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