The European School Lux 2 Mamer
by Fin Kennedy
Friday 15 & Saturday 16 March at 19:00
Sunday 17 March at 14:00
At Lux 2 –  Drama Studio (Admin Building)
Tickets: 5 Euros / Reservations:

Cara Leary is a sixteen-year old girl who is steadily trying to get over the death of her father, a farmer, one year ago. Despite the help of friends, family and teachers, she remains withdrawn and sullen – until she discovers letters from her father’s customers: the large supermarkets and food suppliers. Their need to keep prices low in the name of competition was driving him to bankruptcy and this contributed to his death. When her class takes part in a 24 hour fast for charity, she is fired up by anger at the people who, in her mind, caused her father’s death and starts a hunger-strike against the supermarkets and cheap food outlets. But as her protest becomes more passionate and obsessive she drives a gap between herself and her friends, opens herself to exploitation by politicians and even endangers her health. This provoking play asks if there are easy answers to the questions surrounding the modern food industry – and looks at how easily any well-meaning campaign can unknowingly become a fanatical crusade.

Bogdan Badale, Ekin Cotuk, Sofia Foti, Juliette Hardy-Kim, Daniel Haselock, Emma Herbály,
Laura Lizak, Harry de Marco, Angelique Natsina, Emma Necşa, Radu Polocoser & Nikola Zirdum
Produced by arrangement with Nick Hern Books

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