Further to the information meeting organised by APEEEL2 on 11 February, we are pleased to confirm that 7 pupils of our school have been offered the opportunity to join the 1st trip of the project, scheduled to Valongo in Portugal from 23-27/02/2020.

APEEEL2 and our school have only recently been contacted to promote a new European project “My Challenge, My Europe, Our Future” organised by the “Service de l’égalité des chances” from the Mamer Commune and Mrs Monica Fernandes from the Luxembourg based association 4motion.

We informed all parents of S2-S5 Lux 2 pupils via the school SMS on 5 February, and invited all interested participants to an information meeting we organised at the school on 11 February.

As part of the project, young pupils from our school aged 12 to 15 years old, will have the possibility to meet other young people from 6 European partners in Italy, Portugal, Leetonia, Romania, Kosovo and Luxembourg.  Apart from the 7 pupils selected to travel to Portugal, a group of 20 Lux 2 students will be setup to meet regularly and participate to the other project activities such as: regular meetings and exchanges on the theme of civic engagement, a future trip to Italy, hosting in Mamer of the project participants coming from other European countries, and a trip to Brussels.

Funded by the “European Fund for Citizens”, the project was unfortunately delayed for administrative reasons, but in spite of a short timeframe, we consider that this is a very good opportunity for our Lux2 secondary pupils to participate.

  • Promoting the civil participation of young people at local and European level
  • Strengthening their democratic skills
  • Promoting solidarity by reinforcing links between citizens and decision makers
Conditions for registering
  • Participants must be ES Lux 2 pupils, aged from 12 to 15 years old.
  • Participants must live in Luxembourg.
  • Participants must speak and understand one of the 3 languages: FR, DE or EN.
  • Participants must be willing to invest themselves in the project focusing on civic engagement via meetings and exchanges on the topic.
“My Challenge, My Europe, Our Future” (CEF) brochures

If you would like your child to participate to My Challenge, My Europe, Our Future, please complete the pre-registration form either in EN or FR and email it to “office@apeeel2.lu” at the latest by 24 February 2020.

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