Invitation au Café Parents du 17/03/2020

Our 4th “Parents Coffees/Cafés Parents” for this school year will be an evening session dedicated to meeting Ms Angie Robinson, positive psychologist and educational coach, specialised in family and educational coaching on the theme of “Psychological Safety at School – Why is it so important for learning and how do we create it ?

Tuesday 17 March 2020 from 19:00 to 20:30

Studio, Admin Building  – Lux 2

An INVITATION to be presented to our Security Gate on the day will be sent to all Lux 2 parents via our weekly class reps communication.

This conference will take place in English. It is co-organised with asbl Positive Psychology Luxembourg,, where Angie is an active member.

Psychological safety is defined as the state in which individuals are comfortable being themselves. A psychologically safe school environment is conducive to taking interpersonal and academic risks, such as speaking up and asking questions or for help in situations where learning matters.

An overview will be given on the impact and implications of Psychological Safety for and on International students and their school and how to practically engender it. Parents and educators will be encouraged to discuss and explore the concept of psychological safety and establish how they can practically assist in creating an environment where children feel safe to ask questions, report errors and take risks without fear of reproach from parents, teachers and peers. Learn and grow without fear and feel autonomously supported.

All Lux 2 and Lux 1 parents are welcome , our Parents Coffees Team is very much looking forward to seeing you there !


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