Our 2nd Parents Coffees/Cafés Parents for this school year
will be an evening session dedicated to meeting
Ms Andrea Tisserand, teacher and practitioner GYMNEA
on the theme of
Moving to learn well 
Please note the presentation will be in French

 On Tuesday 12 November 2019 from 19:00 to 20:30

 In the Studio, Admin Building, Lux 2

The invitation, to be presented to our Security Gate on the day, will be sent to parents very soon

Learning difficulties are most often the signs of a lack of maturity in the nervous system. They are due in 70% of cases to insufficient or atypical moving development : your child is struggling at school – he can’t concentrate and gets disappointing results, despite his abilities and intelligence – he has trouble settling down, moving constantly – he is too slow, never finishes his work – you were told he was “immature”—

GYMNEA is a pedagogical method developed by a teacher that stimulates the nervous system by specially selected and personalized movements and that resumes the learning of certain basic movements – recreates the corresponding nerve connections, thanks to the brain plasticity – and thus reduces the difficulties of reading, writing, calculation – improves the balance – improves attention and concentration.

GYMNEA is for any child or adolescent (with no upper age limit!) whose academic results are not in line with his intelligence and with the time spent learning his lessons – having problems of concentration, attention – dyslexic, dyscalculic, dyspraxic – hyperactive (with or without a diagnosis) – to children of 5-6 years, in prevention of difficulties and to prepare them well for entry into elementary school.


Our Parents Coffees Team is very much looking forward to seeing you there !


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