Our next Parents Coffees/Cafés Parents will be an evening session
dedicated to meeting Mrs Delphine Giltay
on the theme of
“How to give confidence to my child and help him to persevere?”
  •  On Tuesday 15 January 2019 from 19:00 to 20:30
  •  In the Studio, Admin Building, Lux 2

“Listening to emotions, the strength of encouragement and the weight of pressure in the light of neuroscience and the development of your child’s potential”

Our Parents Coffees Team will serve you coffee, tea and water, but please feel free to bring juices, cookies or cake to share with everyone.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you there !

Our next Parents Coffees will be on
Tuesday 5 March 2019 from 19:00 to 20:30

More information on this meeting will be communicated in the coming weeks.


Previous Parents Coffees (CoMoNe) events & reports: http://www.apeeel2.lu/parents-coffees/

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