Our first Parents Coffees/Cafés Parents for this school year
will be an evening session dedicated to meeting
Ms Magali Netrval, vice-president of Dyspraxie Luxembourg Association
on the theme of
Why an iPad for DYS students in class?

 On Tuesday 15 October 2019 from 19:00 to 20:30

 In the Studio, Admin Building, Lux 2

The invitation, to be presented to our Security Gate on the day, will be sent to parents very soon

  • Has your child significant difficulties to learn to read and write? Special Education Needs students often do and will sadly fall behind.
  • Amongst them, the dyspraxic and dyslexic students will certainly benefit from the use of the iPad in class and at home.
  • The ipad has proven to be the ultimate reasonable adjustment DYS students absolutely need to access the curriculum fairly. With it, they will be able to read and write lessons, regain self-confidence and be given all the chances to achieve their potential.


Our Parents Coffees Team is very much looking forward to seeing you there !


Previous Parents Coffees (CoMoNe) events & reports: http://www.apeeel2.lu/parents-coffees/

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