Please consult below our latest communications, in EN & FR on Transport to Lux 2 as from 3 September 2019.

The existing network of school buses has been extended with three new lines while the remaining lines have been slightly adapted.

FOR MORE INFO: Transport to/from Lux2

Please note the following main changes:

    • In consultation with the school, all buses leaving at 16:45 on Tuesdays have been replaced with a bus leaving at 15:00. With the exception of the Navette from the CPE, no school bus will be provided on Tuesdays at 16:45.
      Taking into account the latest information just received from the school, it appears that only few students will finish at 15:00 (S6 pupils only). Therefore, please ensure that you do check in the MDDI timetables and ATSEE website which bus school lines will depart on Tuesdays at 15:00.
    • A new line 72 has been established to serve Capellen, Hagen, Steinfort, Hobscheid, Eichen and Arlon.
    • A new line 87 has been established to serve Mamer, Holzem and Bettange.
    • A new line 91 has been established serving the stops Belair and partly in Strassen so far served by Ligne 93B and 98.
    • Maternelle and smaller Primary children living in Merl and Belair have now a direct Navette from the stop Place de France with the Navette 43N.
    • The Commune of Mamer requested us to point out again that the relevant buses are for Primary, Maternelle and S1 children living in Mamer only. Other children are requested to use other means of transport or to inscribe on the relevant lines provided by ATSEEE.

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