APEEEL2 is pleased to update you on a few changes regarding the buses run by MDDI as well as the communes of Mamer and Bertrange.

Mamer 4

Last year, APEEEL2 raised the issue about overcrowded buses with the Mamer commune. After a few meetings, the Mamer Commune agreed to provide an additional fourth bus, Mamer 4. This new bus has now been running for a few weeks, and we are pleased to confirm that the line will remain operational for the whole school year. Mamer 4 is mainly serving Mambra and Gaasterbierg stops. All details are on our website

We kindly remind you that the Mamer Commune is only providing the Mamer buses for Nursery, Primary and S1 Lux 2 pupils living in Mamer.

Bertrange 1

For the past few weeks, APEEEL2 has noted that Bertrange 1 bus always arrives late at school in the morning. Therefore, it has been agreed to revise the timetable for mornings only. A new timetable, valid from 14 October 2019, is available on our website

Please note that this is a temporary measure, as APEEEL2 will organise a new meeting with MDDI for updates on the project to reduce bus delays on arrival at the school.

We kindly remind you that the Bertrange Commune is only providing the Bertrange bus for Nursery, Primary and S1 Lux 2 pupils living in Bertrange.

Line 92B provided by MDDI

A new bus stop has been added in Merl: Op der Millen. Please check the new timetable on our website for more information.

Line 97 provided by MDDI

A new bus stop has been added in Howald at Minsbëch. Please check the new timetable on our website for more information.

Line 98 provided by MDDI

Due to roadworks in the Strassen Commune, part of the 98 bus route has been revised. While some stops cannot be served anymore, a new stop has been created by the Commune along Rue de Carrefour 17A/19 (next to Cité Hueffach).
The new timetable for Line 98 (Strassen, Bertrange) is valid as from Monday, 21 October 2019, available on our website

We kindly remind you that this bus is free of charge for all pupils from the 3 cycles.

Line 91-98 on Tuesday’s afternoons at 15:00

Prior to the summer break, APEEEL2 reorganised Tuesday’s timetables for all buses, based on the information received from the School on the changes to Secondary pupils’ timetables. Further to the head count taken on multiple lines at 15:00 on Tuesday afternoons, we found out that lines N°91 to 98 were only used by 12 to 14 pupils, equalling to a maximum of 3 pupils per bus. Due to the insufficient demand for running 8 lines, it was therefore decided to provide a new line 92/97 on Tuesdays at 15:00, serving Merl, Luxembourg City centre and Bonnevoie, in addition to the regular public bus line N°28.

All details about this new line can be found here:

We endeavour to update our website as soon as we are aware of any School Transport changes or issues, particularly relating to MDDI and local commune bus routes.

Therefore we strongly recommend that you check our website if in any doubt concerning a route or a timetable. From your part, if you have any information on new roadworks taking place on your child’s bus route and which hamper traffic, please do not hesitate to inform us on email APEEEL2.

For all queries relating to shuttle buses as well as buses with line numbers starting with a 7 or 8, please contact our colleagues at ATSEEE on


We thank you for your collaboration and for using the school buses.

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