We desperately need your help
for our School Fete 2019 !

We still need many more people to help on the stands listed below … otherwise we will not be able to open them. Please register NOW using the link you will receive by e-mail via your class representative.

ACTIVITY NAME / STANDNumber of persons
still needed
for all time slots
Game supervision - Duck Fishing4
Game supervision - Electric Circuit5
Game supervision - QUIZ4
Game supervision - Water Shot10
Game supervision - Mystery Box: 10
Game supervision - Human Football3
Game supervision - Bouncy Castle4
DRAFT FETE PROGRAMME (regularly updated) :  CLICK HERE

Our traditional School Fete is organised by your Parents’ Association in collaboration with the School and the parents’ community. It doesn’t just provide entertainment for our parents, teachers, students and School staff. It is also aiming to celebrate our students’ varied talents and creativity, while providing a unique opportunity to meet one another in an inspiring environment.

Very importantly, our Fete is a fund-raising event and all proceeds will be reinvested to support multiple School’s projects for the 3 cycles.

Our children will have again the possibility to play a lot of games, try out many sports and activities.
We will have the usual activities such as the National Stands , Sport Competitions, Periscolaire Dances & Shows, Kermesse, BBQ, Outdoor Games and many more…
List of the National Stands: Croatian, Francophone, Germanophone, Greek, Hungarian , Italian, Maltese & Slovenian.

It’s always a great, enthusiastic and European moment … hoping to see you there !

Memories from a previous School Fete …

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