Updated October 2019

Our School has recently confirmed that, due to a lack of administrative resources, they will stop managing  the Social Fund starting from this current school year.

APEEEL2 believes that the Social Fund, in place to help some families pay for the mandatory school trips, is important and should be maintained. At present, we are still  in discussions with the School to put in place a new procedure for claims management,  in compliance with data protection laws.

Further information will be communicated to all parents as soon as possible.



Please click on the  following links to access the General Conditions which include the requested documents to be supplied to process your application.

Using the below Application Form, you can quickly check whether you are eligible for receiving financial assistance before deciding whether or not to submit a request. If you decide to submit a request, please complete this form, and submit it with all the other requested documents before the deadline specified for the trip you are claiming for.