Our School community is facing an unprecedented challenge in learning how to cope best during the COVID-19 pandemic.  APEEEL2 is doing its best to help our parents and pupils in this very difficult time. Therefore, we would like to share below some resources we hope you will find useful on various topics, such as distance learning best practice, activities to do at home for pupils, help and solidarity from other parents within our School community etc…

This  new online section will be regularly updated by our APEEEL2 dedicated Management Committee members. Your contributions and suggestions for improvement are very welcome !

>>> Distance Learning

APEEEL2 Survey – Closed as of 26/03/2020

On Friday 20 March, APEEEL2 launched a quick online survey asking for parents’ feedback after the first week of distance learning in our school. Our online survey is now closed, and we sincerely thank all the parents who participated in it. We are still currently reviewing the very large number of contributions we have received. This is a huge and demanding task, which will allow us to have a more general overview of the situation, and share the results very soon with our school management and the APEEEL2 Management Committee.

Using TEAMS for Secondary pupils: School guidelines, code of conducts & recommendations from the Office of the Secretary General of the European Schools
Help on using TEAMS: 

For Secondary students needing extra guidance on how to use TEAMS, please check this video created by a EB4 student.

Recommendations to parents on how to support learning  at home –   from the Office of the Secretary General of the European Schools, as received by all parents via SMS

2020-03-D-21-en Recommendations to parents on how to support learning at home during temporary suspension of obligatory regular attendance of Pupils (4)

Managing teleworking & monitoring distance learning for children

This can be particulary challenging for parents with children in Nursery or Primary.  We remind parents that the Luxembourg government allows salaried parents, insured under the Luxembourg social security system, the possibility to take extrordinary leave for family reasons.
More information is available on https://meco.gouvernement.lu/fr/dossiers/2020/coronoavirus-entreprises.html


>>> Online activities for pupils

ART & SPORT for Nursery & Primary, courtesy of our Periscolaire Pop Art instructor, Ms Pascale Groshens Sarrazin
MATHS for Nursery & Primary,  courtesy of  our Periscolaire “Maths Club” instuctor, Ms Shruti Tulsian

Maths Club fun sheets

FOR ALL – Useful Links and Activities recommended by the Office of the Secretary General of the European Schools in below communication on pages 6, 7 & 8:

2020-03-D-21-en Recommendations to parents on how to support learning at home during temporary suspension of obligatory regular attendance of Pupils (4)


>>> ESL CHESS CLUB – every Sunday @ 15:00

Many thanks to our Lux1 and Lux2 Pupils’ Committees for their new and exciting initiative, using the online free platform chess.com. The European School Luxemburg Chess Club is open to all students, parents and staff members of the European Schools of  Luxembourg.

The 1st and 2nd tournaments have been very successful, and participants have requested to keep the project running. From now on, it is therefore agreed that a tournament will be organised every Sunday at 15:00. 

  • The first chess tournament organised on Sunday 22 March was a real success!  51 players from the Chess Club’s 78 current members took part in the arena tournament. APEEEL2 would like to congratulate our two Lux2 students Liam Ferrand (S7FR) and Angelos Giannopoulos (S6EL) for winning the 1st and 3rd prizes respectively.
  • The second ESL chess championship was also a success with 26 participants in total.  All our congratulations again to our Lux2 student,  Liam Ferrand (S7FR) for winning the 1st prize, followed by a Slovenian player and a Lux 1 parent .

Accessing the Chess Club website: please use the link enclosed in our weekly communication sent via our Class Representatives network.


>>> Help & Assistance from parents within our School Community

Pour les élèves S1 – S7  / section FR –  soutien scolaire en SCI et maths (S1-S3) et biologie (S1-S7)

Membre de l’APEEEL2 jusqu’à l’année dernière , je suis professeur certifié en sciences. Chaque année scolaire, je travaille en soutien avec des élèves du secondaire de l’école européenne en SCI,  maths et biologie.
Je serai ravie de pouvoir aider gratuitement en SCI et en maths des élèves de S1 à S3,  et en biologie des élèves de S1 à S7 .

Je propose de le faire via Skype, ou seulement par mail selon les souhaits de chacun:  les élèves pourront poser leurs questions ou m’envoyer un exercice qui leur pose des difficultés. Je pourrai alors leur donner des explications pour faciliter la réalisation de l’exercice (mais je ne ferai pas l’exercice à leur place), puis faire une correction.

Merci de contacter l’APEEEL2 sur si vous souhaitez contacter cet enseignant.

Pour les élèves de section FR – soutien scolaire en français

“Titulaire d’un doctorat de langue française, je suis enseignante en français depuis 30 ans dont presque 20 ans au lycée français à Luxembourg. Je suis prête, pour les élèves qui souhaitent de l’aide, à le faire bénévolement via skype ou le téléphone. J’interviens aussi déjà dans un rôle de “coaching” auprès de 2 jeunes – qui ne sont pas élèves à Lux2 – en les guidant par téléphone 3 fois par jour, afin de les aider à comprendre une leçon avant de démarrer les exercices. Selon les parents, mes interventions semblent bénéfiques pour ces jeunes car cela leur permet d’avoir une surveillance bienveillante. Cette organisation est surtout utile chez les plus jeunes qui ont du mal à comprendre comment devenir autonomes, malgré les contacts avec les enseignants. Si cette formule peut aider certains des élèves de Lux2,  je me tiens à leur disposition, en plus du soutien en français.”

Merci de contacter l’APEEEL2 sur si vous souhaitez contacter cet enseignant.