Our APEEEL2 team is very happy to present all parents with a rich and varied 2019/2020 Periscolaire program, featuring group & private activities from previous years, as well as new ones. We are also pleased to confirm that the prices are similar to last year’s prices  – for private lessons, the cost per semester has increased according to the number of lessons.

Don’t miss our ‘pro-rata tariff’ Periscolaire reservations for one semester only (6 January – 20 June 2020). Bookings will be opened on online on Thursday 19 December 2019 at 09:00. 


2019/2020 Activities List & Brochures

Login to your account on our Periscolaire website and search for detailed Activities.

You will find below our brochures, for an easy search of Sports activities (including Dance) as well as Art & Other activities (including Theater, Languages and UGDA). Timings and costs on the brochures are for information purposes only, please see our activities descriptions on our Periscolaire website for confirmation.

Our Periscolaire activities, group and private lessons, are available to ALL pupils attending Lux 2, irrespective of whether they attend CPE or not. However, the Accompaniment Service is exclusively reserved to Nursery pupils attending CPE (and for very few activities, P1 pupils attending CPE.)

We are aware that some activities are extremely popular. Unfortunately, we are often limited in the number of courses we can run, due to our School premises’ availability, in particular the  Sport Halls and the swimming pool which are also used by our Secondary pupils. Therefore, it is essential to book these activities as early as possible on the day of the reservations opening.

This year, we are pleased to offer you many new activities in addition to all the existing ones:


  • Theater in EN in Primary, Theater in EL in Primary, Theater in FR in secondary
  • Slovak Folk Group
  • Pop Art (Primary + Secondary)
  • Apprendre le FR en jouant
  • Music Jazz Big Band
  • Games Design & Coding
  • Eveil musical UGDA (M1-M2-P1)
  • Ethymology Club in EN/EL (Nursery + primary)

THEATER:  we are very pleased that, starting from this year, we can now offer this activity for Primary pupils in FR, IT, CS, EL and EN, and for Secondary pupils in FR and EN.


  • Cricket
  • Tag Rugby (primary + secondary)
  • Expression corporelle
  • Modern Jazz Dance
  • Gymnastics Advanced
  • Free Diving
  • Coerver Foot


  • Drums / Batterie de P2 à S7
  • Saxophone


APEEEL2 Membership is mandatory prior to any Periscolaire reservation. 

To avoid receiving our emails in your Junk email folder (Spams), please save the 3 email addresses used by APEEEL2 in your Address Book:  office@apeeel2.lu  periscolaire@apeeel2.lu  mailing@apeeel2.lu .

Online payment with a 3D Secure Credit Card: payment for activities can only be made online with a 3D secure credit card.
As per a recently introduced European Directive for online payment, this new standard will require cardholders to verify their identity in an additional step. Please contact your bank for all information on the 3D Secure standard.
When booking Periscolaire reservations, we recommend that you proceed with your payment within 24 hours, in order to avoid your booking being automatically and irreversibly cancelled by our systems.  No exception will be made, even with issues relating to 3D Secure Standard, or cards authorised limits.