The APEEEL2 Canteen Committee was set up by the School and started working in September 2012, just as the new school opened. 2018-2019 was the sixth year of this exercise for all. The role of the Canteen Committee is to represent the interests of the School’s pupils, their parents and the staff when dealing with the external canteen service provider, Eurest.

Members of APEEEL2 Canteen Committee as of 01/09/2019:

  • Chris Knight
  • Sonja Kostadinovic
  • Enza Petrone
  • Tibor Tuboly

EUREST Canteen Service Update

26 April 2020

Families who have children in Nursery and Primary have already received a 2nd semester invoice from Eurest. This covers only the meals served in February and the first two weeks of March. Understandably, this unprecedented situation is not clearly regulated by the Service contract. Even if our children do not currently eat in the canteen, certain costs may apply to assure the availability of the service provider. Once we are back to normal life, the participants of the tripartite Canteen Service contract (Lux 2, CPE and Eurest) will agree on the settlement of these expenses and inform all concerned parents.

Since the start of the lockdown in Luxembourg, Eurest has not been serving meals in the schools, but their employees have continued operating in essential and vital sectors, such as HRS and Cargolux as well as working on the front line in the fight against the epidemic. As soon the school reopens, the Canteen staff will be ready to restart their service, with the necessary approvals from the Luxembourg government. Eurest has also prepared detailed procedures to prevent potential exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, in order to protect our school community and their staff.

We were glad to receive confirmation that none of the Eurest staff members, people who have worked hard for us in the previous year, have lost their jobs because of the recent changes.

Hopefully, our children can soon return to the canteen.


09 March 2020
Eurest steps up protective measures against the COVID-19 outbreak

Canteen Services Information at Lux 2

Address MENUS:

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Features You can access Lux 2 related pages by clicking on the Schools menu, or simply use the links reference above. Parents do not need to login to their personal account to access this information.


Info Menus, Secondary services, Secondary price lists
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  • Canteen Menus – no login required just select the canteen in the left upper corner on the starting page


Info Service info for Nursery, Primary (CPE) pupils only
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  • My Invoices“ – invoices for each semester
  • Document” – official forms, general terms, primary, nursery price list.


LUX 2. 
Info General info about the organisation, rules and conditions of the canteen service for all cycles.