Why should you be a member?

  • Booking PERISCOLAIRE activities: membership is mandatory PRIOR to registering to any Extracurricular Activities (group and private) as well as Summer Camps.
  • Receiving APEEEL2 communications on various topics, such as the APEEEL2 FlashNews,  APEEEL2 Class Reps Meeting Reports for all 3 cycles, Notifications & reminders on various events in and outside the school (cultural, career guidance, school life etc…)
  • VOTING for input into policy making :  You must be an APEEEL2 member to be allowed to vote in our General Meetings (AGM),  Management Committee Elections and our regular Surveys.
  • Support our wokr

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As a parent of a child in Lux 2, you can be more involved in his/her School life in a variety of ways.  For example, your active participation in activities, events and initiatives organised by APEEEL2, as well as practical help in our organisation, is always very welcome !

Another way, is becoming a Member of our Association to support APEEEL2’s work which contributes to the interest of all the pupils in our School.

APEEEL2 Membership fee is €50 per family per school year, and runs from 1st September until 31 August.