APEEEL2 is pleased to inform parents and  S1-S7 pupils  about the numerous Special Activities organised by our School, as advertised on posters within our School’s buildings. Some activities are organised throughout the European School system, others are run directly by Lux 2, such as the free “Play & Learn Activities”.

European Schools Cup (Sailing) – 11/18 April 2020

Play & Learn Activities @ Lux 2 – from 14/10/2019 until the week of 25 May 2020

Our School is pleased to propose to all our Secondary pupils some free activities  taking place in our school premises during the school year.

Pupils can enroll to an activity at the required level and in the indicated language with 2 imperative conditions:
– Interested pupils should not have any lessons in their timetable at the specific time of the course.
– Pupils ‘participation to their chosen course must be active during the whole course duration.
To enroll, pupils must complete the form below and tick the chosen activity, indicated their preference by marking “1” for their 1st choice and “2” for the 2nd choice, in case the first chosen activity is not be available anymore. 

All registration forms must be left in the Teachers’ area before the deadline of 09/10/2019