In July 2018, just before our S7 pupils left School, APEEEL2 organised a survey asking them for their contribution on their future studies. We again renewed our call last Christmas, when our ex-pupils received the Bac Ceremony video clip.

We are now pleased to announce a response rate of nearly 50% for a total of 163 bachelors in 2018 at Lux 2 – the Bac exam passing rate at Lux 2 being 98.19%.

APEEEL2 would like to warmly thank all the pupils who have kindly contributed to our survey,  as well as the ex-President of the Bac Committee for having encouraged her classmates to answer our questionnaire.

We hope our parents will find the information useful, and that these contributions will greatly help our future S7 pupils to better assess the various studies available with a European Bac.

We also would like to remind parents of S6-S7 pupils to likewise encourage their children to complete our APEEEL2 questionnaires when the time will come.

APEEEL2 2018 Post-Bac Questionnaire Results

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