How do I help my child feel safe at school during (and after) the lock-down? 

These are exceptional times, parenting, teaching and family life has fundamentally changed during the Covid 19 pandemic. The Positive Psychology Association of Luxembourg would like to help parents manage the stress they and their children are experiencing. 

Angie Robinson, positive psychologist and educational coach will be providing a talk on how to cope with the current stress relating to the impact of virtual learning, returning to school after the summer holidays and potential difficulties social distancing may have caused over the remote learning period.

Angie will provide positive coping strategies to help parents manage the transition back to a new normal. She will also speak about how opportunities for growth, new insights and personal development can exist for children in times like these.

Tuesday 9th June 18:00 – 19:30 

Details on how to connect to this event will be sent to all Lux2 parents via our class representatives network.

Please connect/be online 3-5 minutes before the call to check your connection and if you can hear and all settings are working properly.
We recommend you attend using a desktop or laptop with good internet, you might need keyboard to ask questions on the chat. Tablets and phones can work, but might limit your interaction.
You do not need to have a specific Zoom access in order to connect for this presentation but you might want to download the app before the session.


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