From 12 to 19 June 2020, APEEEL2 ran a 2nd survey on distance learning which was sent to all the parents of our School. We are pleased to report that we had a great turnout with 1 068 people filling out the form. This is really a great achievement, many thank for your participation !

To read our full report, please click here 
Below are a few results we would like to highlight from the report:
  • 60% of the parents who participated answered that they felt capable, or very capable, to handle distance learning while only 4% felt they were completely unable to handle it.
  • Distance learning did not always run perfectly in all sections and classes, and for all lessons. However, there are certain aspects parents are happy with, such as: in Primary 83% replied they received enough communication from the teacher, in Secondary only 21% thought the workload was often too high,  and 82% of parents were happy children went back to school.
  • Many teachers made huge efforts to adapt to this unprecedented situation, and we would like to thank them for this. In addition to their daily work, parents had to spend a lot of time supporting their children in distance learning. We also thank them for playing the “teacher role” during this long, exceptional, and difficult period.
  • Please note that APEEEL2 will use the results of this survey to help the school improving distance learning and deciding how to proceed for the next school year, if need be. We have indeed identified several areas needing improvement and development such as: in Primary, pupils are not receiving enough L2 online lessons (62% are dissatisfied) or in Secondary where only 30% of the parents confirm that the teacher was always present online.



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