As part of this year’s
Focus on Fast Fashion Week (11-14 February 2020) and
our Lux2 GIN (Global Issue Network) group
with the support of APEEEL2 and
will organise
a 2nd-hand clothes sales for Primary and Secondary pupils on Tuesday 11 February

The Focus on Fast Fashion Week will present awareness raising conferences and information sessions on the fast fashion’s negative aspects. It will also provide information on ways of becoming more sustainable, in order to reduce the environmental impacts of fashion retail. The event will concentrate on 3 main aspects:

    • Ethical issues around fast fashion
    • The impact of fast fashion
    • Landfills

Those wishing to join will have to pre-register with the GIN – email contact will be published as soon as possible.

Conference with Luxembourg experts and practitioners  – Tuesday 11 February 2020

Who is organising Fast Fashion Week?

We are lucky to have in our school a very active GIN group. Their aim is to raise awareness within the school on local and international issues as well as efforts to improve sustainability.

The GIN group is composed of 15 Secondary pupils, from S4 to S6, regularly meeting to develop and discuss local projects which could have a positive global impact. Meetings are organised under the supervision of Mrs Fioretti, a Lux2 Secondary teacher in English L1 & L2  as well as ICT. connects to  speakers from research institutions in Luxembourg to come in and talk to students.

What is ‘fast fashion’?

Today, fashion has become an important part of our lives.

Fast fashion was a term first coined by retailers to encapsulate how fashion trends move rapidly from the catwalk to the store. There is a short turnaround time between designing garments and the production of new clothing collections. Manufacturing is quick and cheap and consumers in the Global North can easily take advantage of affordable and desirable clothes in the shops of high street brands.

Where is ‘fast fashion’ manufactured?

Fast fashion garments are normally produced in the Global South, predominantly by low paid, female workers. Quick turnaround times place often overwhelming demands on these factory workers, one effect of which can be the manufacture of lower quality clothing. This can encourage the rapid consumption and disposal of cheap clothes after they have been worn only a few times, creating a very unsustainable sector.

Purpose of Fast Fashion Week:

The Global Issues Network in the school, with the help of the APEEEL2, will organise conferences and information sessions during the Fast Fashion Week (10-14 February 2020) to help raise awareness about the negative aspects of fast fashion and inform us on ways of becoming more sustainable in order to reduce the environmental impacts of fashion retail.

2nd-hand Clothes Sale at Lux 2

The event is open to all Primary and Secondary pupils and will take place in the Studio and Hall (Administration Building, Lux 2) on Tuesday 11 February 2020 from 12:00 until 17:00.

During the afternoon, pupils will be able to sell their good-quality 2nd-hand clothes.  To register to the event, please contact our Lux2 GIN Club.
Please note that there will be a small charge of 5€ per table, all proceeds going to the GIN initiatives in the school.

Who knows, maybe these initiatives will inspire some of our students to invent a more sustainable and fairer fashion model?

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