Our 3rd Parents Coffees/Cafés Parents for this school year
will be an evening session dedicated to meeting
Mr Fari Khabirpour, psychologist – psychotherapist
on the theme of
“Young People and addictions – Drug Addiction”

Tuesday 3 December 2019 from 19:00 to 20:30
Studio, Admin Building, Lux 2

The invitation, to be presented to our Security Gate on the day, will be sent to parents very soon

Drug addiction is a problem for teenagers as well as adults and there are a variety of reasons as to why this is the case.

Fari Khabirpour is no stranger to the challenges that young people, parents and teachers face in an ever-changing world.

He has a wealth of knowledge about raising happy and resilient children and how to support young people confronted to difficult situations.

Fari has had a career as an Educator with advanced studies in Psychology coupled with life experiences in Luxembourg that include; being the Director of the Centre of Psychology and School Guidance, the Director of the SOS Children’s Villages, the Director of the Detention Centre, and a member of the medical College of Luxembourg, as well as running a private psychotherapy practice, and being a father and grandfather.

Fari is also a published author and well-known writer for national and international publications on Early Childhood Education and beyond.


All Lux 2 and Lux 1 parents are welcome , our Parents Coffees Team is very much looking forward to seeing you there !


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