The CoMoNe meetings have become the Parents Coffees: a place to share with other parents and a professional on various themes relating to children. Because educating children is not always easy every day, we would like to try and answer as many parents’ questions as possible, and  allow them to strengthen the links with their children and teenagers.
ALL LUX 2 AND LUX 1 PARENTS ARE WELCOME ! To access the meeting, parents will be requested to show an invitation previously sent by their Parent’s Association.






31 May 2018: “Being a parent and feeling well, body and mind ” with Ms Nadège RAVOUX, sophrologist and professional coach, co-founder of Socolibris sàrl
20 March 2018: “Helping our children in educational guidance” with Mr Vincent Masson Deblaize, certified coach ICN and council in educational guidance.
20 February 2018: “Helping our children to learn” with Mrs Sophie Le Dorner, Brainwise Coach
21 November 2017: Meet the School Psychologists, Counselors and Educational Support
19 September 2017: Meet the associations and external support network