Hereby we would like to invite you to the 11th Chess Championship at the European Schools in Luxemburg!  The tournament is open to everyone: students, teachers, parents, chess beginners, advanced players and experts, it’s all about playing 🙂

In this edition of the weekly championship, there will even be prizes to be won:  1st prize: 25,  2nd prize: 15€, 3rd prize: 10€

The tournament will take place this Sunday, 31st of May at 15:00, with 6 games á 10 minutes per player +2 additional seconds per move, in a Swiss tournament system. We hope to see you then!

Have a great week,
Kind regards,
Alexander Feil for the ESL Chess Club


>>> Link to the Chess Club: 

>>> Link to the tournament (please make sure to be a member of the Club beforehand. Inscriptions start at 14:00): 


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